AutoVR360: Reimagining car sales with Virtual Reality

Your Dream Car

Using the innovative Meta Quest 3 passthrought technology seamlessly integrates virtual cars into your physical dealership

Test Drive

Transport customers into a virtual world where they can test drive their dream car on a built-in race track, igniting excitement and driving purchase intent

Data Logging

Capture every customer interaction and customization choice, providing invaluable insights to optimize sales strategies and streamline the buying process

Welcome to AutoVR360, the cutting-edge application that is set to reimagining the way car dealerships operate and customers shop for their dream cars. With AutoVR360, we bring the power of virtual reality (VR) technology to the automotive industry, offering an unparalleled car buying experience that combines customisation, convenience, and immersion like never before.

Car Customisation: Step into our virtual showroom or use the Quest 3 pass-through technology to display the car in your current space. Explore a wide range of car models from leading manufacturers. With just a few clicks, you can customize your chosen car to match your preferences, from exterior colours to interior features.

Real-Time Customization: Experience the thrill of personalization in real-time as you make adjustments to your car’s design and specifications. With AutoVR, every customization choice is instantly reflected, allowing you to create the perfect car to suit your style and needs.

Data Logging And Analytics: AutoVR captures and logs vital data at every stage of the customisation process, including user selections, interaction times, and final outcomes. This data provides invaluable insights into customer preferences and behaviour, enabling dealerships to optimize their sales strategies and offerings.

Integration With Dealership Systems: Seamlessly export logged data to your dealership’s data management system for further analysis and utilization. AutoVR ensures that your dealership has access to accurate and actionable data to drive informed decision-making and enhance customer satisfaction.

Meta Quest 3 Integration: AutoVR harnesses the power of the Meta Quest 3 headset to deliver an immersive and lifelike virtual experience. With both a virtual reality showroom and passthrough technology, customers can choose between a completely VR experience or to see their surroundings within the dealership while interacting with virtual cars.

Virtual Test Drive: Take your customized car for a spin on our built-in race track, all within the confines of the Meta Quest 3 headset. Experience the thrill of test driving your dream car without ever leaving the comfort of the dealership.


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