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The Team

Hannah Hayes

Hannah Hayes

CEO and Creator

Meet Hannah Hayes, the driving force behind AutoVR and the visionary creator of this groundbreaking concept. As CEO, Hannah brings a unique blend of passion for cars, entrepreneurial spirit, and expertise in virtual reality (VR) technology to the forefront of AutoVR’s mission


Jordon Gardner


Introducing Jordan, the dynamic lead project manager and developer at High5VR. With a wealth of experience , Jordan brings a unique perspective and invaluable expertise to the team. Having worked on numerous projects in the games and interactive space, Jordan has honed his skills in development, and team leadership..


Rob Steadman


Rob serves as a Business Development Manager (BDM), wielding his expertise to discern novel business prospects and nurture relationships crucial for organizational expansion. He delves into market analysis to pinpoint growth avenues and actively engages in networking endeavour.


Mira Xi

Chief Admin Officer

Direct daily administrative functions to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Develop and execute growth strategies, securing significant partnerships like the one with Lamborghini, to expand market presence and increase revenue. Organize and manage key marketing events, significantly enhancing brand visibility and fostering business development. 


Simon Derwent


Simon is the visionary Cinematographer for High 5 VR, bringing an unparalleled blend of technical expertise and artistic creativity to the immersive world of virtual reality. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Simon meticulously crafts visually stunning and emotionally captivating VR experiences that transport audiences to new realms.



Camera and Audio

Maksym, the person behind the camera, is a skilled photographer with an eye for detail and emotion. His dedication and technical expertise transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual stories. Whether capturing cityscapes, landscapes, or portraits, Maksym’s unique perspective and passion for his craft leave a lasting impression.

Aida High5VR

Aida Mayanja

Sales & Marketing

Aida, the dynamic head of sales and marketing, revitalized her company’s brand with a compelling story and vibrant visual identity. She led engaging content marketing through blogs, videos, and social media and implemented effective digital strategies


Richard Beagle

Sales Lead UK

Richard, with 46 years in automotive sales and management, founded TalkSales Europe in 2004. They specialize in automotive sales consultancy, working across the UK with major franchises, vehicle manufacturers, dealer groups, and franchisees.


Sam Van Der Hoeven

Lead Programmer

Sam, the lead programmer, directs project development, enforces coding standards, mentors the team, and ensures timely, high-quality software delivery. Sam’s expertise and leadership drive the team’s success, fostering innovation and maintaining efficient, reliable workflows.


Sam Griffiths:


Sam, our junior programmer, assists in coding, learns from senior team members, and contributes to projects. Sam’s enthusiasm and growing skills are vital to our development team’s success.

Australasian High5VR

Stephen Brown

Australasian SalesĀ 

Stephen, our dedicated Australasian distributor, has played a crucial role in expanding our reach and ensuring seamless service across the region.

Middle East High5VR


Middle East SalesĀ 

Our dedicated Middle East distributor has played a crucial role in expanding our reach and ensuring seamless service across the region.


2023 to present

As the Project Manager and Lead Developer at AutoVR360, my role is multifaceted and dynamic, revolving around driving innovation in automotive technology

I take pride in spearheading the development of immersive virtual reality solutions that redefine how people interact with customising vehicles within dealerships.

Leading a talented team of developers, I am responsible for orchestrating the design, implementation, and maintenance of VR applications and experiences.

This involves not only managing project timelines, budgets, and resources but also collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, including designers and stakeholders, to gather requirements, define project scope, and set technical objectives.

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